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A Kid's Herb Book
for children of all ages
By Lesley Tierra, L.Ac, AHG, with songs by Michael Tierra. Illustrated by Susie Wilson

      A Kids' Herb Book is truly written for "children of all ages." The book is a journey best shared between parents and children, which includes a blend of practical information, hands-on activities and herbal preparations, stories, songs, and information about herbal gardens, herbal medicinces found in kitchens, medicinal uses of flowers, first aid kits, and plant ecology. The book describes seventeen commonly used herbs that are especially good for children's ailments. Children and their parents will learn the basics of herbs and how to safely treat children's illnesses through proper use of natural herbal remedies.

A Kid's Herb Book makes learning about herbs and plants fun and educational for children. Follow the friendly elf, Mr. Greenleaf, through the plant "kin-dom" learning about various uses of plants and the things plants provide, such as oxygen, food, soap, wood, teas, and medicines. Discover the differences between herbs, weeds, and spices. Learn to make products from herbs, such as natural toothbrushes and homemade cough medicine. Enjoy enchanting read-aloud stories that awaken the imagination. A Kid's Herb Book also includes delicious recipes for such culinary delights as "Basil Pesto" and "Rose Petal Jam."

Although the book is oriented towards parents and kids, adults without children have discovered the book as an excellent introduction to herbalism. You don't need kids to enjoy the book! RDR Publications. 263 pages. 2000. ISBN: 978-1885003362.

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Medicinal Plants of North America
A Flora Delaterre™ Coloring Book
By Beth Judy. Illustrated by DD Dowden.

      Since 1996, botanical gumshoe Flora Delaterre™ has informed public radio listeners across the country about medicinal plants on the weekly program The Plant Detective produced by Montana Public Radio. Now, Flora presents Medicinal Plants of North America: A Flora DelaterreTM Coloring Book for kids ages 7 and up (and colorists of all ages). The book presents black and white drawings of fourteen plants by botanical illustrator DD Dowden, plus information about past and current medicinal uses of the plants; fascinating facts (from tidbits of lore to conservation status and dangerous side effects); and coloring tips. In addition, Flora herself appears throughout the pages as she investigates plants.

      The plants included were chosen for anecdotal and visual interest and fun for kids ( e.g., no white flowers allowed!) as well as medicinal importance. They are American Ginseng, Calendula, Cranberry, Dandelion, Echinacea, Flax, Lobelia, Marsh Mallow, Mayapple, Milk Thistle, Pleurisy Root, Saint Johns Wort, White Willow, and Yew. All of these plants thrive in North America, but not all are natives--teaching children about introduced species and that one man's weed is another man's valuable medicine. Flora Delaterre™ Productions. 2007. ISBN: 978-0-9792302-0-2.

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Kids' Plant Identification and Herbal Fun Pack
Educational Entertainment for the Whole Family!
Cost: $90.00 (Save $23.00!)
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