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Stone Age Living Skills
Video Classics Series on DVD

      The Stone Age Living Skills Video Classic Series brings back to life on DVD some of the best primitive skills videos ever produced on VHS video. Our first three discs in this series feature seven great movies from four top instructors: Jim Riggs, Brian James, Robert Earthworm, and Melvin Beattie. Topics covered include: friction fire with the handdrill and bowdrill, plant fiber cordage, the primitive lifestyle, hide tanning with both wet-scrape and dry-scrape techniques, plus knapping arrowheads and making primitive arrows.

      These videos were originally filmed in the late 1980s and early 1990s on analog VHS video. Although the colors have faded some (giving that old time, "classic" look), the video content is good. Some video segments are noticeably pixelated due to the necessary compression to put three to four hours of video on each disc. However, this is a cosmetic detail only that does not detract from the skills content of the videos.

      Special Pricing: These seven videos originally sold for $30 each on separate VHS tapes. Now you can own all seven classics on DVD at a great low price. Purchase the three discs separately for $25 each, or order all three discs together for a special low price of $50--a savings of $160 compared to the cost of the original separate videos!

      Do you own the rights to a high quality primitive skills video that you would like to see revived on DVD? Please contact us at HOPS Press, LLC to see about including your video in the Stone Age Living Skills Video Classics Series.

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Disc One
Fire, Food, Cordage
Jim Riggs and Robert Earthworm.

Friction Fire
      Can you walk into the wilds with only a knife and start a fire with the materials on hand? Now you can! Jim Riggs teaches how to start a fire by friction with the handdrill and bowdrill. Learn to confidently make and use your own sets from materials found in nature.

Plant Fiber Cordage
      Cordage is an asset we take for granted, yet is a critical component of many other skills, such as bowdrill strings, fishing line, trap triggers, snares, lashing poles together, and fixing clothes. In this video Jim Riggs teaches how to make durable plant fiber cordage from dogbane, milkweed, and stinging nettles, using several different techniques.

Primitive Life Skills
      Robert Earthworm demonstrates primitive skills as part of his daily life. Learn from Earthworm as he demonstrates fire by friction with the bowdrill, cooks campfire bread, and makes jerky. Earthworm demonstrates the use of medicinal plants and teaches how to make cordage from sinews and stinging nettle fibers.

Stone Age Video Classics Series
Disc One: Fire, Food, Cordage

ISBN: 978-1-892784-25-4. July 2007. $25.00

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Disc Two
Hide Tanning
Robert Earthworm and Melvin Beattie

The Ancient Art of Tanning Buckskin
      Learn to transform raw deer skins into soft tanned buckskin using the dry-scrape method. Robert Earthworm teaches how to properly skin, flesh, rack, scrape, brain, stretch, soften and smoke deer hides. This has been one of the most popular videos ever produced on dry-scrape brain tanning.

Tanning Spirit
      Melvin Beattie was among a handful of people who revived the brain tanning process when it was nearly a lost art. Beattie teaches how to brain tan hides using the wet-scrape method. Learn to efficiently skin, flesh, scrape, brain, soften, and smoke hides to make your own durable clothing, moccasins, and bags.

Stone Age Video Classics Series
Disc Two: Hide Tanning

ISBN: 978-1-892784-26-1. July 2007. $25.00

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Disc Three
Brian James

Pressure Flake Stone Arrowheads
      Learn to make your own stone arrowheads. In this flintknapping primer, Brian James demonstrates how to safely and effectively spall blades off of an obsidian core. He teaches how to pressure flake these blades into arrowheads using deer antler or copper tipped tools.

Arrows from the Stone Age
      A good bow won't make a bad arrow fly straight. In this video Brian James teaches how to make quality primitive arrows from both wild-crafted and purchased materials. Detailed instruction covers all of the steps from collecting the arrowshaft material to straightening, notching, preparing sinews, hide glue, and fletching, plus hafting the arrowpoint onto the shaft and painting the shaft with natural pigments.

Stone Age Video Classics Series
Disc Three: Arrows of the Stone Age

ISBN: 978-1-892784-27-8. $25.00

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