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Bush Craft
Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival
by Mors Kochanski

      There are two broad traditions to the art of wilderness survival. One tradition is that of the woodsman--basically the engineer of the wilds--who can build absolutely anything with an axe, a saw and a knife. The other tradition is that of the native--one who faces the wilderness with little more than bare hands--to eke out a living mostly by avoiding work rather than creating it. Both traditions are equally valid and useful to know.

      Mors Kochanski excels in the traditions of the woodsman, but is also remarkably adept at the native skills. In Bush Craft also known as Northern Bush Craft, Kochanski presents knife, ax and saw use in depth. Kochanski especially focuses on the special qualities of the northern trees: the birches, alders, spruces, tamarack, pines, firs, poplars, aspens, cottonwoods and willows. The woods skills include how to fell trees, build numerous shelters, start fires (and put them out!), and how to make cooking implements.

      The native skills include excellent presentations on the bowdrill, tinder fungus, cordage and basketry, including birch bark containers, splint baskets, and split twig baskets. Bush Craft is packed with innovative tips, many of which I have not seen in any other books. Expanded Edition, 1998. 300 pages.

Bush Craft     $17.00     Quantity:

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Mors Kochanski's Wilderness Survival Pocket Books
$3.00 Each or $42.00 for All Seventeen (save $9).

#1: 21 Native Wild Edible Plants
#2: When You Meet a Black Bear
#3: Basic Wilderness Survival in Cold Lacking Snow
#4: Basic Wilderness Survival in Deep Snow
#5: Tools of Survival & Survival Training
#6: Knife Sharpening
#7: Compass
#8: Map Use
#9: Building a Wilderness 
Steam Bath
#10: Top Seven Bush Knots
and the Use of the Windlass
#11: The Inuit Snow House
#12: The Night Sky
#13: Basic Netting
#14: Basic Weather Knowledge
#15: The Two Kilogram Survival Kit Field Manual
#16: Survival Kit Ideas
    Each booklet is 32 pages long and just the right size to put in your pocket!

    Booklets are $3.00 each or $42.00 for all seventeen (Save $9).
#17: The Simple Cattail Doll

21 Native Wild Edible Plants     $3.00     Quantity:
When You Meet a Black Bear     $3.00     Quantity:
Survival in Cold Lacking Snow     $3.00     Quantity:
Survival in Deep Snow     $3.00     Quantity:
Tools of Survival     $3.00     Quantity:
Knife Sharpening     $3.00     Quantity:
The Compass     $3.00     Quantity:
Map Use     $3.00     Quantity:
Wilderness Steambath     $3.00     Quantity:
Top Seven Bush Knots     $3.00     Quantity:
The Inuit Snow House     $3.00     Quantity:
The Night Sky     $3.00     Quantity:
Basic Netting     $3.00     Quantity:
Basic Weather Knowledge     $3.00     Quantity:
The Two Kilogram Survival Kit Field Manual     $3.00     Quantity:
Survival Kit Ideas     $3.00     Quantity:
The Simple Cattail Doll     $3.00     Quantity:
All 17 Mors Kochanski Pocketbooks (Save $9)     $42.00     Quantity:

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Wilderness Skills Series on DVD
with Mors Kochanski

      The quality of primitive skills instructional videos varies widely. Some videos have really good information, but they would almost kill you with boredom. Other videos are fun to watch, but not terribly informative. There are relatively few videos that are both educational and stimulating to watch. Although there is still room for improvement, these Mors Kochanski Wilderness Skills videos are really quite good. We have scored each of the videos we carry for information content and the presentation quality. Five *'s in each category is the highest score. We scored the videos conservatively to leave room at the top for the newer and better videos that we expect to become available in the coming years.

Sticks as Tools & Implements DVD*******$30.00
Blades: Sharpening & Safe Use DVD*********$30.00
Bush Knots DVD*******$30.00
Clothing & Sleeping Bags DVD*******$30.00
All Four Mors Kochanski Skills DVDs  (Save $10)$110.00


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