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Knot Playing Cards
The playing cards that teach you how to tie knots

      Whether you like to camp, mountain climb, hunt, fish, boat, horseback ride, are a Scout or do other outdoor activities, you can appreciate the art of knot tying. Wherever you go, you will find these western-themed Knot Playing Cards are a compact, easy-to-use resource for learning useful knots.

      There are fifty-seven knots illustrated in the deck, including knots, hitches, and bends, with step-by-step instructions on how to tie them. Each card face also includes interesting facts about the knot and the most useful applications. Knot Playing Cards can be tucked away in a back-pack or saddle bag, or stowed in a vehicle glove box to provide you with entertainment and reference on your next outing. Brush-up on your knots on the go and around camp. Share your new knot tying skills and techniques with friends and family, and enjoy card games at home or on the trail. Knot Playing Cards are made with plastic coated material used in quality playing card products. This is an excellent gift item that is fun to play with and useful too.

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The Complete Book of Decorative Knots
Lanyard Knots, Button Knots, Globe Knots, and More
By Geoffrey Budworth
Review by Felicia Elpel

      The Complete Book of Decorative Knots expands on the knots taught in The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knots, also by Geoffrey Budworth. The focus of this book is on decorative knots for lanyards, key chains, button knots, globe knots, and more. The history and original application is covered in each section of knots. It is helpful to understand the basic knots first. This book explains in detail how to expand those simple knots into decorative knots. The book includes detailed illustrations for more than eighty beautiful decorative knots. Lyons Press. ISBN: 978-1558217911. 1998. 160 Pages.

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Bush Knots DVD
By Mors Kochanski
Review by Felicia Elpel

      Mors Kochanski's Bush Knots DVD is a how-to guide for tying a variety of useful knots in the field. With his in-depth explanations of each knot and its function, Kochanski teaches the history of his knots and how to use them in the field or in any context. He provides easy to follow instructions with explanations of each move. Mors teaches these knots so that you can learn to use these knots and utilize them to their full potential. Overall this is a well-made DVD that will make a great addition to any survival video collection.

Bush Knots DVD     $30.00     Quantity:

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The Top Seven Bush Knots and Use of the Windlass
By Mors Kochanski
Review by Thomas J. Elpel with Felicia Elpel

      The Top Seven Bush Knots and Use of the Windlass by Mors Kochanski is a very informative, easy to use booklet. It covers seven simple but extremely useful knots, plus numerous variations that can be used in the field in many different ways. For example:

  • The jam knot is a simple knot for lashing sticks tightly together.
  • The constrictor knot uses more cordage, but lies flatter than the jam knot and can be applied with crushing force for such things as securely hafting spear points, repairing ski poles or canoe paddles, or lashing sticks together.
  • The sheet bend is used for tying ropes and cords together, especially where there is a strong pull on the line.
  • The non-inverting slippery bowline is used to tie a rope around a person's waist, a horse's neck, or other objects where the loop must not cinch down tight.
  • The reef knot is used for such things as tying bandages, putting up tents, and reefing sails.
  • The parbuckle is used for tying down loads, moving heavy objects, or erecting clotheslines.
  • The butterfly loop can be formed in the middle of a rope, without using the end, for applications such as putting handholds in a haul rope.
  • Gripping hitches are useful for things like taking up slack in ropes under tension and tying bundles.
  • The rope windlass is used for exerting a powerful pull to move heavy objects, or to free stuck vehicles from mud or canoes from log jams.
  • The Alberta rescue hitch is used as a body harness or sling for raising or lowering a conscious or unconscious person.
This booklet has very simple, clear instructions with explanations for the use of each knot. It is a great pocket book and useful in any backpack or survival kit. It is also a good companion to Kochanski's Bush Knots DVD.

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