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I'm a Medicine Woman, Too!
A Tale of Herbal Wisdom and Personal Empowerment
for Budding Healers and Daydream Believers

Written and illustrated by Jesse Wolf Hardin

      I'm a Medicine Woman, Too! is a colorful and soulful book of self discovery and personal empowerment for budding healers, as well as every kid heeding a calling or pursuing a dream.

     Rhiannon is the inspiration and model for this tale of realization and growth, as she first resists believing she could ever be a Medicine Woman like the herbalists and healers she's met... but then realizes the ways in which she is already the woman of power she hopes to be. Included are thirty-five full color illustrations, including eleven frame-worthy depictions of various Medicine Woman archetypes including an Apache with her mano and metate grinding stones, a Hispanic curendara in her adobe Botanica herb shop, and an Anglo teacher, gardener and herb chef.

      I'm a Medicine Woman, Too! is a wonderful book to connect children with herbal traditions. The story role-models an ethic of healing and caring for other people and honoring our elders. The delightful illustrations touch the reader at an emotional level, compelling us to become healers too. 40 pages. March 2009. 8-1/2" x 11". ISBN: 978-1-892784-31-5. Hard Cover.

      "I believe I'm holding a new children's classic, a book that will be treasured by children - and their parents -- for years to come. This is a beautifully written story of a child's quest for her own magical gifts and her place in the circle of 'medicine women'. The story unfolds by Rhiannon, the little girl of the tale, asking the questions of how one becomes a 'medicine woman' and her search for what her special purpose in the world is. There is simple earth wisdom in the answers that are offered, and teachings about the plants and healing scattered throughout that are sure to enchant any young nature lover. But what makes this book really stand out are the lush illustrations of plants, nature, goddesses, our little seeker Rhiannon, and the special 'medicine women' in her life. While the story is lovely and inspiring in itself, the colorful drawings add a special touch that is sure to appeal to every child who has ever lingered in a field of wildflowers or asked the questions, either aloud or quietly, 'where is my place in the circle of life?' 'What are my special gifts?' Jesse Wolf Hardin has written a book that will inspire children to fully believe in themselves and to reach for their own unique dreams"

--Rosemary Gladstar.
Herbalist and author of The Family Herbal

      "I'm a Medicine Woman, Too! is full of wisdom, beauty and encouragement not only for young girls, but for women of all ages. The author's exquisite illustrations quickly draw the reader in and cleverly teach about healing plants. A high recommendation for empowering all medicine women!"

--Lesley Tierra, L. Ac.
Author of Healing with the Herbs of Life and A Kid's Herb Book

      "I felt the voice of the Earth Mother Herself speak from the pages of I'm A Medicine Woman, Too! The sense of presence and higher awareness will benefit younger audiences and those with accumulated years as well. A fine offering to raise consciousness!"

--Margi Flint AHG HM
Author of The Practicing Herbalist

      "Today, my daughter Hailey and I read I'm a Medicine Woman, Too! by Jesse Wolf Hardin. What a wonderful, sweet story! As I was reading I kept thinking, this is a story Hailey and I will read together again and again. Hailey is only four right now. At this age she loved the beautiful illustrations, and wanted to know the names of each of the women in the pictures. When we finished reading she brought out two of her dolls so we could play medicine woman. We spent time together pretending to mix medicines for different ailments. It was so fun to see how the story spurred her imagination. With two parents who are herbalists, this was an easy story for Hailey to identify with. I know as she grows older the themes about believing in herself and finding and trusting her gifts will resonate more deeply, and I look forward to reading the story again and again. This is just the kind of story I want my children hearing over and over - the kind of story that will help them grow into themselves with grace and beauty."

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--Kimberly Gallagher, M.Ed., CCH
Author of Healing with the Herbs of Life and A Kid's Herb Book

      "A book thoroughly enjoyed by both myself and my little boys, "I'm a Medicine Woman, Too" entices us not to look to others for ourselves, but rather to go within and bring out what we are, and know in doing so that we give the world around us what it needs. That such an important insight is accompanied by such beautiful images makes this book even more of a treasure."

--Jim McDonald,
Herbalist and teacher

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