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The Best of Woodsmoke Journal
(and other collected writings)
Books compiled and edited by Richard and Linda Jamison

      Woodsmoke was the first magazine dedicated entirely to primitive skills, running from the 1970s to the early 1980s. Articles covered a wide variety of primitive outdoor survival skills for all kinds of desert survival and wilderness survival situations. The Woodsmoke books are compiled from the magazine and other sources, including articles from these authors: Larry D. Olsen, Jim Riggs, Richard & Linda Jamison, David Wescott, Sheran Benerth, Peg Mathewson , Cecil Hamilton, Steve Watts , Larry J. Wells, Ernest & Margaret Wilkinson, Paul Hellweg, Ron "Gus" Gustaveson, Rich Johnson, Samantha Beckett-Windborn, Turkka Aaltoneen, Tamara Wilder & Stephen Edholm, Mel De Weese, Zeke Sanchez, and Gary Wisdom.

      The Woodsmoke books are great for anyone wanting to improve their outdoor survival skills and live a little bit closer to nature. You can learn the techniques of primitive cooking, surviving in a winter storm, building a bulrush boat, making sandals out of sagebrush, friction fire starting, making hide glue, primitive weaponry, and dozens of other primitive outdoor wilderness survival skills. Be sure to scroll down the page to read the Table of Contents from each of the books.

The Best of Woodsmoke: A Manual of Outdoor Skills $13.00 Quantity:
Primitive Outdoor Skills: More Wilderness Techniques from Woodsmoke $15.00 Quantity:
Woodsmoke: Collected Writings on Ancient Skills $18.00 Quantity:
All Three Woodsmoke Books (Save $6) $40.00 Quantity:

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The Best of Woodsmoke
-A Manual of Outdoor Skills-
Table of Contents

1. A Parable by Mack Smith
2. The Use of Pitch by Richard Jamison
3. The Wickiup by Jim Riggs
4. I Wonder Where the Water Is? by Richard Jamison
5. Surviving "Solo" by Sheran Benerth
6. Keep a Fine Grind and a Level Bevel by Cecil Hamilton
7. Surviving a Blizzard with Only a Blanket by Larry J. Wells
8. Surviving Winter Hazards by Larry J. Wells
9. Nature's Yeast by Linda Jamison
10. The Hot Coal Bed by Larry D. Olsen
11. Deadfall Trapping by Larry D. Olsen
12. A Soft Bed in the Woods by Ernest Wilkinson
13. The Stone Axe by Paul Hellweg
14. Primitive Fishing by Richard Jamison
15. The Art of Making Arrowheads by Paul Hellweg
16. Troubleshooting Bow and Drill Fires by Richard Jamison
17. A Primitive Hand Fire-Drill by Ron "Gus" Gustaveson
18. A Deer is More Than Venison on the Table by Jim Riggs
19. Wilderness Cordage by Richard Jamison
20. Surviving Mentally by Gary Wisdom
21. Basics of Keeping Warm by Richard Jamison

Primitive Outdoor Skills
-More Wilderness Techniques from Woodsmoke Journal-

Table of Contents

1. The Primitive Life Style by Linda Jamison
2. Easy-to-Make Stone Tools by Paul Hellweg
3. Swamp Craft by Richard Jamison
4. A Trapper's Viewpoint by Ernest Wilkinson
5. Ancient Steam-Pit Cooking by Rich Johnson
6. The Arrow by Richard Jamison
7. The Survival of Purpose by Larry D. Olsen
8. Sagebrush: The Ancient Survival Kit by Jim Riggs
9. A plea to Those Who Would Be Self-Sufficient by Larry D. Olsen
10. Bulrush Weaving by Linda Jamison
11. Lost by Rich Johnson
12. Snow Caves-The Easy Way by Richard Jamison
13. Rings of Stone by Samantha Beckett-Windborn
14. The Sweat Lodge by Jim Riggs
15. Bounty of the Wildwood by Ron "Gus" Gustaveson
16. The Horno: An Outdoor Oven by Margaret Wilkinson
17. The Digging Stick... and Other Related Things by Linda Jamison
18. 101 Uses of the Snake Bag by Jim Riggs
19. Field Care is Important by Ernest Wilkinson
20. Primitive Comfort: The Hot Draft Bed by Richard Jamison

-Collected Writings on Ancient Living Skills-
Table of Contents

Our Human Family by Linda Jamison
The Ultimate Weapon by Steve Watts
Old Finnish Hunting and Fishing Techniques by Turkka Aaltonen
Primitive Process Pottery by Linda Jamison
Stone Survival Tools by Paul Hellweg and Donald B. Fisher
Yucca by Richard Jamison
Make Your Own Hide Glue by Jim Riggs
Traditional Basketry Materials by Peg Mathewson
Tracking Skills by Ernest Wilkinson
The Primal Gourmet by Richard Jamison
Whole-Shoot Willow Baskets Tamara Wilder & Stephen Edholm
A Paleo Prescription by Linda Jamison
Barking up the Right Tree by Jim Riggs
The Remarkable Fire Piston by Richard Jamison with Mel De Weese
An Introduction to the Atlatl by David Wescott
Badgerstone by Larry Dean Olsen
Pine Needle Basketry by Margaret Wilkinson
"Rocking On" with the Paiute Deadfall by Jim Riggs
Philosophy of a Caveman by Linda Jamison with Larry D. Olsen and Zeke Sanchez
Living with Nature by Richard Jamison

Woodsmoke Videos

Woodsmoke Videos - Now on DVD!
Produced by Richard and Linda Jamison

      The quality of primitive skills instructional videos varies widely. Some videos have really good information, but they would almost kill you with boredom. Other videos are fun to watch, but not terribly informative. There are relatively few videos that are both educational and stimulating to watch. We have scored each of the videos we carry for information content and the presentation quality. Five *'s in each category is the highest score. We scored the videos conservatively to leave room at the top for the newer and better videos that we expect to become available in the coming years.

      International Customers: Some of these videos also are available in VHS-PAL and VHS-SECAM formats at a special discount. Please Click Here for more information.

Woodsmoke: Fire I, The Handdrill DVD******$20.00
Woodsmoke: Fire II, The Bowdrill DVD******$20.00
Woodsmoke: Fire III, The Fire Piston, etc DVD *******$20.00
Woodsmoke: Shelter DVD****$20.00
Woodsmoke: Primitive Cooking DVD********$20.00
Woodsmoke: Primitive Pottery DVD********$20.00
All Six Woodsmoke Videos on DVD (Save $15)$105.00

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