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The Art of Flint Knapping Book & DVD
By D.C. Waldorf, illustrated by Valerie Waldorf

      About the book: I cannot imagine any primitive skill more difficult to learn or teach through a book than flint knapping. Nevertheless, D.C. Waldorf took on the challenge and produced a truly remarkable and user-friendly guide inThe Art of Flint Knapping. Waldorf originally wrote the book as a class hand-out to answer the questions that every student asks. Over the years it was refined and expanded to cover the emerging field of experimental archaeology. The result is a well-honed book that is useable to the amateur or the professional. The Art of Flint Knapping is used world-wide as a text for lithic technology classes. The illustrations by Valerie Waldorf are simply exquisite. The Art of Flint Knapping, 5th Edition. 76 pages.

      About the DVD: The next best thing to a live knapping demonstration is a video. In The Art of Flintknapping Video Companion DVD Waldorf uses his skills to bring to life the techniques illustrated in his book. Both the book and video have become classics but still remain the most powerful stand-alone teaching tools in the business. Digitally re-mastered from the original footage and computer edited, the video can now be viewed as originally conceived with titles linking the scenes to the chapters and figures in the book. Covers raw material processing, working nodules, blocks and slabs to Stage 3, making gunflints, holding positions, billet swing and strike, platform preparation and pressure flaking are discussed while making an Adena point. Also, Clovis fluting by direct percussion, various notching techniques and making a small arrow point. The Art of Flintknapping Video Companion DVD. Running time: 1 hour 48 minutes.

The Art of Flintknapping   $18.00   Quantity:
The Art of Flintknapping Video Companion DVD   $25.00   Quantity:
Art of Flint Knapping book + Video Companion DVD (Save $5)   $38.00   Quantity:

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Working Obsidian
Adventures in the Scenic Northwest
With D.C. Waldorf

      Join D.C. Waldorf as he journeys across the country in search of volcanic glass. Glass Buttes in Central Oregon is a knapper's paradise. Waldorf demonstrates the making of a large point from a block of obsidian.
      Next, Waldorf travels to Dane Martin's Arlington, Washington home in the middle of the scenic Cascade Range to work a large slab down to stage 3, and takes on a huge 300lb bolder. As a piper is called in to honor the fragmented stone, D.C. marches off to the beach at Bowman's Bay for one last demonstration; how to make a small point from a flake of obsidian.
      In this digitally re-mastered version the scenic interludes come to life and the knapping footage still remains some of the best ever shot. Working Obsidian in the Pacific Northwest DVD. Running time: 2 hours.

Working Obsidian with D.C. Waldorf   $25.00   Quantity:

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More Flint Knapping Videos on DVD

Flintknapping: 100 Pounds of Attidude
      Premier flintknapper Angela Parker shows smaller men, women, and determined children how to knap without the massive strength that most men use. See the phenomenal work of 100 pounds of determination. She uses technique and skill instead of brute force. Angela uses a unique tool and method of notching to make it easy.

Making the Cahokia and Ishi Points
      Master flintknapper Jim Redfearn recommends starting with small points like the Cahokia and Ishi styles. Here Jim used copper tools, in particular the Ishi stick, to show us the basics of both types. He explains each move so you can understand it. 1 hr. 40 minutes.

Calf Creekin'
      Jim Redfearn is a master knapper specializing in many type of Archaic points. Watch as he turns a rough chert pebble into an amazing deep notch Calf Creek point. This video was produced for those who want to use copper billets or the copper bopper. Jim shows you the proper edge preparation, angles and holding positions. During reduction, he explains every move in detail in such a manner that you can understand it. Two different styles used for deep notching are shown: power pressure using the Ishi stick with a long, flat point, and indirect percussion using a modified copper nail.

Making a Clovis Point
      Jim Redfearn shares his technique for knapping large bifaces. Here he works a large slab of Fort Payne chert, showing how to edge the slab and then flake it into a large Clovis point. Jim is one of the few knappers who can routinely flute Clovis points without the aid of any machines, jigs or mechanical devises. Every step is explained in detail and it's done with great photography. 1 hr. 18 minutes.

Flintknapping: 100 Pounds of Attitude with Angela Parker (DVD)   $25.00   Quantity:
Making the Cahokia and Ishi Points with Jim Redfern (DVD)   $25.00   Quantity:
Calf Creekin' with Jim Redfern (DVD)   $25.00   Quantity:
Making a Clovis Point with Jim Redfern (DVD)   $25.00   Quantity:

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The Art of Making Primitive Bows and Arrows
by D.C. Waldorf, illustrated by Valerie Waldorf

      D.C. Waldorf was one of a handful of people who revived the art of making primitive bows and arrows. This excellent book was one of the first how-to guides available on the subject. It was revised and updated in 1999.

      The Art of Making Primitive Bows and Arrows covers several types of woods and many different bow styles, providing all the necessary information for the beginner or advancing bow maker. The book includes instructions for working with modern or stone-age tools. Also included is coverage of sinew-backing, snakeskin wraps, handle covers, quivers, trouble-shooting, and of course primitive arrows. 64 pages.

The Art of Making Primitive Bows and Arrows   $16.00   Quantity:

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The Best from the Story in Stone
Flintknapping Poster
illustrated by Valerie Waldorf

      The Best from the Story in Stone features more than 100 arrow points, spear points, and stone knives exquisitely drawn by the late Valerie Waldorf. Each point is illustrated to life-size and in great detail, and each is labeled with a name for the type of point, plus the geographic location it was found, and the approximate date it was created. This 24 x 36 inch wall poster is printed in a rich blue-black ink on heavy, ivory colored stock. With this poster you can easily compare a Clovis point to a Folsom point or a Hardin point to a Dalton point, to see what the similarities and differences are. It is like having an illustrated encyclopedia of North America's lithic technology all on a single page.

The Best from the Story in Stone Poster   $15.00   Quantity:

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