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Hand-Made Pitch Sticks
a.k.a. "Survival Epoxy" or "Nature's Super Glue"

      Pitch sticks are thought of as survival epoxy or nature's super glue among primitive skills practitioners and wilderness survival experts. The pitch sticks are made with a mix of melted pine pitch and crushed charcoal with a small amount of beeswax added to make it less brittle. To use a pitch stick, you should ideally warm up the surface you are applying the pitch to, such as the tip of an arrow where you will be attaching the point, and warm up the pitch stick until it begins to melt. Then apply the pitch where it is needed and put the point in place. The pitch will flow in and fill any empty spaces, then harden up. For applications such as applying arrow points, it is advisable to add a sinew wrapping as well. Please keep in mind that survival epoxy can melt if left in an excessively warm place such as inside a hot car.

Pitch Stick: Survival Epoxy     $12.00     Quantity:
Package of Five Pitch Sticks (save $15)     $45.00     Quantity:


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