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Twentieth -Anniversary Edition
Expedition Canoeing
A Guide to Canoeing Wild Rivers in North America
by Cliff Jacobson
Reviewed by Thomas J. Elpel

      Whether you are a beginning canoeist or an experienced tripper looking for a greater challenge, Cliff Jacobson's Expedition Canoeing is loaded with insightful wilderness canoeing lore. I was personally attracted to this book--after paddling my first five hundred miles on some of the West's tamest rivers--in the interest of bumping up my skill level a bit for some more challenging backcountry experiences. What I found is a wealth of new ideas and sensible approaches to everything from researching a river, choosing the right canoe, customizing and outfitting it appropriately, choosing and installing covers to keep your gear dry, how to pack smart for a trip and how to stow it securely in the canoe, as well as navigating with maps, compass, and GPS, tips on portaging, solo canoeing, how to get shuttled in and out of remote locations, hazards and rescue information, and making repairs.

      Although Expedition Canoeing is in many ways oriented towards preparing the canoeist for extended trips through the remote Canadian backcountry--even to the Arctic if you want--the information and preparation is useful for canoeing trips anywhere.

      And this isn't a book that merely tells you what kind of modern gear to buy. While Jacobson takes advantages of modern gear, his personal experience goes back to a time before GPS and satellite phones were available. He developed his skills starting in the 1950s, when canoes didn't bounce back, and clothing and gear had to be kept dry. In other words, Jacobson is more than just the gear he carries. Expedition Canoeing brings real woodslore to the art of canoeing. First published in 1984, this updated twentieth-anniversary edition of Expedition Canoeing is still the premier guide to canoeing and exploring North America's wilderness rivers. The book includes black-and-white as well as color photos, plus how-to illustrations, source charts, and a chapter full of hard-won advice from more than twenty-five of Jacobson's fellow canoeing experts. Falcon Press. ISBN: 0-7627-3809-X. 304 pages. 2005.

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Paddling Montana
32 Great Rivers under the Big Sky
by Hank & Carol Fischer
Reviewed by Thomas J. Elpel

      The next best thing to paddling down a river and discovering what is around the next bend, is dreaming and planning to your next trip to do just that. Paddling Montana is the book we use when planning our next great Montana canoeing adventure. Through the pages of this book you can get an overview of each of Montana's primary floating rivers, including essential information detailing access points, river miles between them, optimal flow levels, potential hazards and where to portage, plus sources for more detailed maps and information.

      Through this book the history buff can follow the routes of Lewis and Clark along the Missouri, the Jefferson, and the Beaverhead rivers and experience others that the explores named-- the Marias, the Judith, the Gallatin, the Madison, the Dearborn, the Smith. The paddler looking for awesome whitewater finds it on the Gallatin, in the Madison's Beartrap Canyon, and the Clark Fork's Alberton Gorge. The Red Rock, the Swan, and other streams provide opportunities for birders, photographers, and wildlife watchers. Anglers can cast from a boat into the pools and riffles of Rock Creek, the Big Hole River, and many more.

      In this updated guide to Montana's rivers, Hank and Carol Fischer even provide details about where and when to go to avoid the crowds, and who to call for up-to-the-minute information on floating conditions. Paddling Montana makes the information easily accessible and can help you plan your next Montana river trip. 2nd Edition, 2008. Falcon Press. ISBN: 978-0762743520. 224 pages.

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The Complete Paddler
A Guidebook for Paddling the Missouri River from the Headwaters to St. Louis, Missouri
By David Miller

      The Complete Paddler is a no-nonsense manual written for paddlers of all skill and experience levels with an interest in discovering the Missouri River. Kayaker and map-maker David Miller spent three summers solo-paddling the mighty Missouri from its headwaters at Three Forks, Montana all the way to Saint Louis. From the seat of his sea kayak he mapped the entire route with the use of his GPS system.

      An experienced paddler, Miller offers up vital information for anyone seeking to float even the shortest stretch of the Missouri's storied waters. This comprehensive guidebook offers excellent information on every stretch of the river, including river hazards, campgrounds, potable water, and attractions, as well as historic sites. Miller offers essential advice on planning, and scouting ahead, as well as using local knowledge to revise or improve your plans, both before you go and along the way. Chapters discuss necessary equipment, risks and hazards, shoreline descriptions, currents and prevailing winds, portages, river-mile marks, and historical sites to be seen. Miller also tells personal anecdotes of his adventure. Greatly recommended for explorer's with an interest in experiencing the great Missouri River for themselves. Farcountry Press. ISBN: 1-56037-325-3. 384 Pages. 2005..

The Complete Paddler: A Guidebook for Paddling the Missoui River    $19.00    Quantity:

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