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Bird Feathers
A Guide to North American Species
by S. David Scott and Casey McFarland

      Have you ever picked up a feather and wondered what bird it came from? Bird Feathers is a one-of-a-kind guide to identifying and understanding bird feathers. Richly illustrated wtih nearly 500 museum quality color photos, this field guide to feathers explains how to use feather type and shape as well as color to identify the species a particular bird feather came from. Ranges, wing types, and feather measurements are given for the 397 birds covered, along with photos of representative feathers. This is a valuable, information-packed resource for birders, biologists, and nature lovers. Paperback. 358 pages. Stackpole Books. 2010 ISBN: 978-0-8117-3618-3.

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Bird Tracks & Sign
A Guide to North American Species
by Mark Elbroch, Eleanor Marks, and C. Diane Boretos

      Bird Tracks & Sign is a one-of-a-kind and greatly needed book. Most other tracking books are oriented almost exclusively towards mammals, with little or no coverage of birds. But Elbroch's book filled the void, and it isn't just a book to identify bird tracks--this is a virtual encyclopedia of bird tracks, droppings, pellets, cavity holes, feeding signs, roosts, nests, and feather identification!

      Whether your background is as a birder, or as a tracker, or as a wanna-be naturalist, Bird Tracks & Sign will take your outdoor adventures to a whole new level. This book will give you new eyes to see the natural world--helping you to interpret bird tracks you find in the snow or mud, or bird tracks surrounding a picked-over carcass. You may even find a bird carcass picked over by something else, or maybe a roosting site, bird droppings or a skull. Whatever you find--even a single feather-- it is a clue to a story, and Elbroch's book is the key to reading that story. No other book like it has ever been written.

      Bird Tracks & Sign is organized with sections on tracks, droppings, feeding signs, and feathers, meaning that you can use the information you have to identify the bird that left it, rather than having to know the bird to look up the associated tracks and signs. A handy reference chart inside the front and back covers of the book helps with speedy track identification. Bird Tracks & Sign is easy and fun to use, and it will help anyone learn more about birds. Stackpole Books. ISBN: 0-8117-2696-7. 456 Pages. 2001.

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