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Whispers of the Ancients
Native Tales for Teaching and Healing in Our Time
by Tamarack Song, illustrated by Moses (Amik) Beaver

      It's easy to imagine yourself transported back to a time when an Elder might have told stories like those in Whispers of the Ancients around a glowing hearth. Thanks to Tamarack Song's storytelling skills, monsters, heroes, and shapeshifters come alive and open a doorway to the mysteries of life. Easily accessible to all ages, this is a book that speaks to each person at his or her own level of comprehension and need. It is as beautiful to read as it is to look at.

      Stunning Aboriginal artwork by Moses (Amik) Beaver combines with provocative storytelling to renew, in all their traditional splendor, exceptional legends from around the world. Entertaining, profound, passionate, glorious---these are stories that illustrate and evoke themes common to everyone's life, with an ancient wisdom that helps the listener to cope with today's opportunities for tenderness, grief, passion, and irony. Easily accessible to all ages, this is a book that speaks to each person at his or her own level of comprehension and need. It's as beautiful to read as it is to look at. Oversize paperback. 224 pages. University of Michigan Press. 2010. ISBN: 0472051067.

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Journey to the Ancestral Self
The Native Lifeway Guide to Living In Harmony with Earth Mother
by Tamarack Song

      This book is an unabashed and unsentimental response to our repressed longing: to dance to the drum, to circle the ritual fire, to know healing lore from times when plants spoke. Tamarack Song teaches that the lifeways of all Native peoples are essentially one, sharing not only the same ceremonies and rites, but the same spirit and reverence for life. Regardless of ethnic or religious background, we all are essentially Native people who have lost our original voice. In regaining that voice we discover:

      -Native lifeways - the Way of the Warrior, the caretaking of children, and reverence for elders - are intrinsic to all human experience (In-depth exercises cover Native skills such as stalking, night vision, adapting to cold.)

      -Native traditional practices - including moon ritual, seeking a mentor, and honoring male and female energy - encourage hidden spiritual powers to manifest.

      -There is a native human capacity for healing which can only be had by returning to balance with Earth Mother.

      In this day, few of us seem able to declare that we are truly and deeply happy. We find ourselves frustrated with life as we know it and on a quest for life as it could be. We thirst for a more intimate physical and spiritual relationship with The Earth, and yearn for the skills to do so. Our senses and intuitions are not as keen as we know they could be; our personal Lifepaths seem clouded and distorted. Somehow our search brings us to explore Native lifeways, for which this book is a timely guide. From its deep philosophy to its everyday yet vital sensitivities and awarenesses, the ways of our Ancestors are explored and experienced. We learn the skills for walking in Balance in the Wilderness, as well as in our daily lives. And we are given the tools to discover the purpose and contentment that is uniquely intended for each of us. Paperback. Station Hill Press. 1994. ISBN: 0882681788.

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