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Daughters of Copper Woman
by Anne Cameron
Recommended by Tamarack Song

      Daughters of Copper Woman reveals the legends and life stories of the Nootka of Vancouver Island as told by the few remaining Elderwomen of a secret sisterhood to their young apprentice. It is potent with imagery and the strength of womanhood and survival. In this retelling of Northwest Coast Native creation myths, Anne Cameron has woven together the lives of legendary and historical characters to create a sublime image of the social and spiritual power of women. The book was a groundbreaking bestseller when the first edition appeared in 1981 and became and underground classic, selling more then 200,000 copies in many languages. At the heart of this new edition is the entire text of the original but with important additions. The author has added fresh material and a new preface. The result is a new, complete version of a book that has touched a nerve in readers throughout the world. Paperback. 199 pages. Harbour. 2002. ISBN: 155017245X.

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