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Barbwire Art made from Recycled Barbwire
Hand-Crafted Barbwire Baskets & Wall Hangings

      The west is littered with thousands of miles of rusty barbwire fences slowly sinking into the ground. Loose wires laying around from decomposing fences can be an unseen hazard to humans and animals alike. Turning old barbed wire into decorative baskets, art, and curios is one way to help clean up the countryside and put the materials to good use.

Barbwire Birdhouse Wreaths

      Add a touch of country charm to your home with our decorative barbwire birdhouse wreath! The bright colors and silk sunflowers give a cheery taste of summer all year long. Each wreath is about twelve inches in diameter and hand-crafted from recycled rusty barbed wire by artisan Camille Crites of Texas. $30.00

Barbwire Birdhouse Wreath     $30.00     Quantity:

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Barbwire Deer

      Native Americans in the desert southwest made toy split-willow figurines of deer. Our barbwire deer are based on a similar pattern, but made from rusty barbwire. Use them as Christmas tree ornaments, or use them for decorations around the house or in flower pots. Each deer is about five inches wide and four inches high. $10.00

Barbwire Deer     $10.00     Quantity:

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Barbwire Valentines

      Barbwire valentine hearts are a wonderful and lasting way to say, "I love you." Try your poetic talents for writing a poem to accompany a barbwire heart gift for your loved one for Valentine's Day.

      The barbwire shaped hearts with cupid arrows can remain as beautiful wall displays year around as not only a show of love but also a show of your support for products made of recycled materials. These creative hearts are tasteful and artistic gifts for any time of the year.

      Each heart is individually handmade and unique. The hearts are made from recycled barbwire that was previously a dividing fence line but now a symbol of togetherness. The barbwire is not treated. Silk flowers of various colors and shapes garnish one side. The average size of the heart is about 10 inches wide and 10 inches tall, and the cupid's arrow adds about 3 inches to each side for a total of about 16 inches in width. Cost: $7.50

      Please specify in the comments box (on the check-out form) any flower type or flower color preference. We will pick the closest match from our stock on hand.

Barbwire Valentine     $7.50     Quantity:

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Barbwire Baskets

      I first saw barbwire baskets at the Winter Fair in Bozeman, Montana many years ago. I had some experience with willow basketry already, so it was easy to switch over to the new materials. As soon as I had the chance, I made several baskets for Christmas presents. Barbwire baskets are really nice garden baskets when lined with moss or fibers and filled with potting soil for flowers. The planted baskets can be placed on the ground or hung from a sturdy support.

      If you have done any basketry before, then I highly recommend you try making your own barbwire baskets. In many ways barbwire is easier to work with than natural materials, because the wires are uniform in diameter, without tapering, and as long as you like. Also, the barbed wire can be bent into any shape and it will stay that way without snapping back. You can even get out the hammer and beat on the basket if you want to reshape a section! However, you do have to wear gloves, and a pair of fencing pliers or bolt cutters is a must for this kind of work.

      The baskets we sell (shown below) are made in a different style, with the barbwire wrapped around a wire basket frame, rather than woven. The look is similar to woven baskets, but it costs a lot less time to produce. The baskets are inches in diameter, hand-crafted from recycled rusty barbed wire by artisan Camille Crites of Texas. Each basket comes with a coconut fiber liner, ready for soil and flowers.

Single Handle

Double Handle

Hanging Chain

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Barbwire Basket: Single Handle     $70.00     Quantity:
Barbwire Basket: Double Handle     $70.00     Quantity:
Barbwire Basket: with Hanging Chain     $70.00     Quantity:



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