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Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine
Improving Health and Longevity with Native Nutrition
by Ronald F. Schmid, N.D.
Recommended by Tamarack Song

      Modern medicine now recognizes that the present-day Western diet is responsible for many of today's chronic illnesses. Nutritionists and anthropologists have noted the decline in health that accompanies indigenous peoples' transition from traditional to modern diets. In Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine, Ron Schmidt explains how a return to a traditional diet can help you reduce your risk of heart attack by 50 percent; fight allergies, chronic fatigue, arthritis, skin problems, and headaches; recover from colds and flu in a day or two; and increase your life-expectancy. Chapters focusing on the major food groups, common diets, and health goals enable you to tailor a diet to your special needs. Paperback. 288 pages. Healing Arts Press. 1997. ISBN: 0892817356.

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Healing with Whole Foods
Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition
by Pail Pitchford
Recommended by Tamarack Song

      This book brings together authentic traditions of Asian medicine with current western reserach on health and nutrition to create the most detailed sourcebook available on planning and preparing an optimal diet. This comprehensive reference work features:

  • Current guidelines on nutrition basics such as the protein/vitamin B12 group, fats and oils, sugars and sweeteners, water, salt, seaweeds, "green food" (micro-algae and cereal grasses), calcium, oxygen, and other nutrition concerns.
  • Clear discussions of the Chinese healing arts applied to physical and emotional conditions, including the Eight Principles (Six Divisions of Yin and Yang), Five Elements, and syndromes of the internal organs.
  • Information on making a gentle transition from a diet based on animal products to one centered on whole grains and fresh vegetables. Over 300 hearty, purely vegetarian (vegan) recipes, as well as the healing properties of plant and animal foods.
  • Sections on weight loss, heart and vascular renewal, female health, digestive problems, candida yeast infections, root canals, food combining, fasting, children, pregnancy, and aging. Includes insights from Ayurvedic medicine of India.
  • Detailed "Regeneration Diet" and herbal treatments for cancer, arthritis, mental illness, drug and alchol abuse, AIDS, and other degenerative conditions. Also features a "Parasite Purge Program" tailored to specific body types.

      Paperback. 784 pages. North Atlantic Books. Third Revised and Expanded Edition. 2002. ISBN: 1556434308.

      "I am grateful for Paul Pitchford for updating the classic Healing with Whole Foods. If I could choose one book to recommend to students of the healing arts, this would be the one. Even more important than the wealth of botanical information is Pitchford's alignment with spiritual purpose - to inspire peaceful, balanced diet and life patterns as a viable antidote to stress and dissipation." - Edward Bauuman, Ph.D., Direction, Partners in Health, Cotati, California

      "Paul Pitchford reminds us that all nutrients are available in unadulterated whole foods. It couldn't be any simpler; the basis of life is a whole foods diet." Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., author of Natural Perscriptions for Common Ailments

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Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth
by Weston A. Price, D.D.S.
Recommended by Tamarack Song

      Circling the world in the 1920s and '30s, Dr. Price and his wife found the same sinister pattern among "primitive" populations, whether isolated Irish fisherman, tribal Africans, Pacific Islanders, Eskimos, North and South American Indians or Australian Aborigines. Those groups that followed their traditional nature-based diets enjoyed good health and vigor, and those that turned to the "civilized" diet of processed, sugar-laden foods soon developed a variety of ills, including misshapen bones and teeth - and the situation worsened with each generation.

      Dr. Price's fascinating accounts of his discoveries, and the extensive photo documentation he provides, drive home the nutritional truths that are only now gaining general understanding. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration remains an unequaled source of basic information - a "must for anyone seriously interested in the effects of food on health." (Robert M. Cathcart, M.D.) Paperback. 524 pages. Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. 7th Edition. 2006. ISBN: 0916764087.

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Pottenger's Cats
A Study in Nutrition
by Francis Pottenger
Recommended by Tamarack Song

      Pottenger's Cats is a classic in the science of nutrition. Dr. Pottenger discovered quite by accident that cats degenerated unless they were fed raw food. In his 10-year study of 900 cats, he found the optimal diet for his cats was 2/3 raw meat and 1/3 raw milk plus a little cod liver oil. If either the meat or the milk was cooked, the cats degenerated. And if both were cooked, the degeneration was much worse, and the cats could no longer reproduce by the third generation.

      Some of the problems Pottenger found in the cats fed cooked food were: heart problems; nearsightedness and farsightedness; underactivity and inflammation of the thyroid; infections of the kidney, liver, testes, ovaries and bladder; arthritis and inflammation of the joints; inflammation of the nervous system with paralysis and meningitis. And in the third generation, some of the cats' bones became as soft as rubber. Lung problems, and bronchitis and pneumonia were also frequent. Moreover, the females became irritable and even dangerous, and the males became passive and lacked sex interest.

      Do many of these conditions sound familiar? Pottenger, of course, realized that his cat studies didn't apply entirely to humans. He believed nonetheless that his findings for cats did have relevance for humans, and in his sanitarium he fed his patients much raw food, with considerable success.

      Weston A. Price reported in his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration that all of the people's he studied worldwide included much raw food in their traditional diets and were almost entirely free of the degenerative diseases that are rampant in our junk food society, such as tooth decay, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, digestive disturbances, etc.

      If you want to stay healthy, you owe it to yourself to read both Pottenger and Price. Their eye opening photographs alone will make clear to you that you need optimum nutrition if you want to be optimally healthy. Paperback. 126 pages. Price Pottenger Nutrition. Second Edition. 1995. ISBN: 0916764060.

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