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Food Production Systems
For a Backyard or Small Farm
DVD Video With Bonus Resource CD

      Are you interested in growing your own food and becoming more self-sufficient? Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm is a professional quality home video, providing an astonishingly detailed overview of self-sufficient skills, from gardening and food forests to rainwater collection, gardening, composting, raising and butchering rabbits and poultry, tanning pelts, drying food and more.

      Food Production Systems documents one family's efforts to become more self-sufficient on their thirty-acre farmstead. Although the video is ideal for rural residents with a few acres, many of the skills shown on the video can easily be applied in a suburban backyard.

      The sheer scale of the operation, such as the rainwater collection system with 34,000 gallons of storage, may seem daunting to many people. Fortunately, the systems shown in the video can be scaled to fit any size operation, with a thousand gallon tank, or just a barrel under the downspout from the gutter. Likewise, individual skills, such as gardening, can be applied independently of the others, so there is no need to give up the rest of your life to become a full-time homesteader.

      The information on this one 110 minute DVD is a compilation of knowledge gained over years of practical application and research that would make a PhD's head spin. A free bonus CD includes more than 60 supporting documents to help you get the most out of Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm.

      Food Production Systems was filmed in Texas and optimized for southern climates, however, northern viewers will also find it highly educational. Rooster Crow Productions. 2009. DVD. 110 minutes.


Section 1: Overview
     . Why we began this journey
     . Soil types and climate of the site
Section 2: Water
     . Water sources and qualities of water
     . How much water do you need?
     . Rain water collection systems
     . Wells
     . Ponds
Section 3: Garden
     . Garden location
     . Size - how much area do you need?
     . Bio-Intensive gardening overview
     . Fertility
     . Watering the garden
     . Wind
     . Sun and shade
     . Bugs and insects
     . Vegetable varieties and seed saving
     . Getting started
Section 4: Rabbits
     . Housing and protection
     . Watering systems
     . Feeding
     . Breeds
     . Reproduction
     . Other resources
Section 5: Home Butchering
     . Tools
     . Butchering a rabbit
     . Tanning hides
     . Butchering poultry
     . Other animals
Section 6: Poultry
     . Chicken breeds
     . Feeding
     . Watering
     . Housing and egg collecting
     . Predator protection
     . Getting started
Section 7: Dogs
     . Why dogs?
     . Dog training
     . Feeding
     . Housing
     . Size and breeds
     . Final thoughts
Section 8: Perennials: Orchards, Food Forests, and Edible Landscaping
     . Locations and micro climates
     . Watering
     . Fertility
     . Using geese for fertility
     . Tree varieties
     . Planting and care of trees
     . Getting started
Section 9: Other Essentials
     . Calorie crops
     . Solar food dehydration
     . Home made herbicide test
     . Fire ants
     . Injuries
     . Hog panels and tee posts
     . Water levels and mapping contours
     . Rocket stove and hay box cooker
     . In The Wake; a manual for outliving civilization
      . Propagating leuceana

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